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Who are you guys and what do you plan on doing?
We're a family business with a very large passion for gymnastics! After falling in love with the valley, we set up camp and built the gym. It's been a labour of love, and our goal is to provide opportunities for recreational and competitive gymnastics to the surrounding rural communities in Northern Alberta who would have to otherwise drive in to bigger cities to have the same access.

How do I register for class?
At the top right corner of our website, there is a register button. Clicking on that, you will get all the information you need about registration. 

How do I get to the gym?
We are located at 4801 50 Ave, Tawatinaw, AB. Please click here for directions

What should my child be wearing to their class?
Make sure your child is dressed in comfortable active wear that they can move around in! Clothing should be zipper and/or button free, and no jeans, belts, or hats will be allowed on the floor. Watches and jewelry should also be removed, and long hair should be tied back.

Am I allowed to watch my child during their class?
Of course! But we do ask that parents stay off the floor and equipment while their child's class is in session. An exception will be made for parents who have a child registered in the Bouncin' Bugs class.

What is the CanGym National Badge Program?
CanGym is Gymnastic Canada's national skill development and evaluation program. It allows for coaches, parents, and participants to track progress and is also utilized as a motivational tool for participants.

What are badges?
Badges are what the CanGym program uses to track progress, and participants receive badges when they complete the level. There are three different categories: bronze, silver, and gold (and there are four levels per category making twelve levels total)!

Why do we have to pay a membership fee to the Alberta Gymnastics Federation?
Every gymnastics club in Alberta is a part of AGF and every person who participates in gymnastics at these clubs needs a membership! It allows us to operate our club, provides up to date information of what's happening in the province, and ensures that your child is covered under AGF's protection plan in the case of accident or injury.

How do I sign my child up for competitive gymnastics?
Our competitive program is invitation only, if you would like more information or to schedule a try out for your child, please email






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