Winter 2018 Class rates


                                 Nine-week class        Ten-week class                    

          1-hr class              $135.00                       $150.00                                     1.5-hr class           $202.50                       $225.00                                2-hr class             $270.00                       $300.00

All prices are subject to gst


Please Note

     Alberta Gymnastics Federation (AGF) Membership is required

     the annual membership (July 1, 2017 to june 30, 2018) Fee is $45/child and is not included in prices shown above



Twice-a-week discount

                    Get 5% off when you register for classes twice a week                        

Children attending twice a week only receive their twice-a-week discount—they are not eligible for 5% sibling discount


Sibling discount

Get 5% off when you register more than one child from the same family