Guizhou Province & Shanghai Charter School Student Visit

This past week (Jan 15-20, 2018), Pine Valley Resort hosted some members from the Junior Provincial Team of Guizhou Province and the Kindergarten-Grade 1 students from a Shanghai charter school.

Like Pine Valley Gym Centre athletes, they competed last weekend at the Gym Power Gymnastics competition held annually in Edmonton. We are so happy we were able to provide a unique experience for the athletes, coaches and teachers as most of them had never seen snow before!

They participated in tubing, skiing, and snowboarding and by the end of the week had the hang of it. Besides winter sports, they tried local Canadian cuisine including roasted marshmallow on the fire pit. Through Inspire Sports, they also visited the RCMP Headquarters in Edmonton to learn about the history and go through the physical testing.

We would like to thank our community members for helping us in providing such great opportunities!